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Products: Navigation Lights: Oceanic De-Ice - Single and Double Deck Navigation Lights for Polar Areas

General description

Though the filament bulbs used in our navigation lights make these not to be affected by low temperatures as they emit a considerable amount of infrared heat, in certain conditions of circumpolar navigation, it is needed to provide extra-heating for deicing the lens surfaces as it is recommended by the DNV in its document “Class notation de-ice”.
This is achieved in our Oceanic lights by means of a radiant wire situated in the lower part inside the lantern and isolated from the base by four technically superior ceramic columns, emitting up to 60 watts of heat and controlled by a bi-metal thermostat.
For all sea going vessels with a length of 20 meters or more and occasionally sailing in polar waters.
Light in compliance with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 ( COLREGS-IMO72).



Technical characteristics  
Housing: Polycarbonate reinforced with fibreglass
Polycarbonate fresnel lens, shock and
UV resistant
De-icing capabilities: Better than 30º centigrade below zero
Fully resistant to sea environment
Non magnetic
Integrated terminal box in every light
Access to bulb from above:
Lamp holder:
Input voltage:
Power consumption:
Lamp easy to change
2 kg
IP 66
24V 110V 220V
40W 60W 65W
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) , according to EN-ISO 14744.


Delivery of custom made lights upon request

Antivibration system