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Products: Navigation Lights: Geomar CIC-398 TP - Touch Screen Control Panel for Navigation Lights

General description

Geomar CIC 398 TP is a rugged, versatile, easy to use control system for navigation and signaling lights. The control panel switches and monitors traditional incandescent lights.

The system consists of 2 different units:
Touch Screen Control Panel:
12,1”, ruggedly constructed, IP67, able to withstand the 
highest demands. Protected against shock and vibration. 
Certified by DNV
Control Box: 
including power supply unit, CPU, commuting module, power 
modules. Dimensions: 600x400x150.
All vessels requiring navigation and signal lights to be continuously monitored. 
Suez, Panama, Kiel Canal, Japanese Waters, St. Lawrence lights, etc.
All vessels with space problems in the console
All military vessels needing a versatile, custom made control panel able to dim the 
navigation lights.



Technical characteristics

24V, 115V and 230V power supply. Automatic switch over from mains to emergency 
(Manual switch over optional)
Continuous supervision of: navigation lamps, wiring, power supply and control modules. 
Monitoring of status of each individual lamp, type and location of failures.
Visual and acoustic alarms. Acknowledgement and alarm test button.
Automatic switch over from main lamp to spare lamp (double tier light)
Mimics with LEDs showing system availability included in the panel.
Dimmable control panel ensuring easy reading at night.
Sunlight readable
Ambient light sensor
Programmable settings: at sea, at anchor, NUC, RAM and other options according to 
customer’s specifications and requirements
Galvanic isolation
Voltage free output
Prepared to connect 1 or several panels
Able to integrate the Suez Canal, Kiel Canal and any other special lights.
EMC, IP67 cable glands
BUS connection RS485
Military Configuration
Dimmer for navigation lights
LCD screen indicating illumination level (%) of the lamps when they are dimmed.
Possibility of a mix of conventional navigation lights and friendly navigation lights (NVG), 
being the latter not necessary to be dimmed.
EMC cable glands
Touch Screen certified by DNV
Specifications according to all relevant classification societies