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Products: Fog Horns: Geomar A/B-130 DB Air Fog Horn. 20-75m

General description

Geomar A/B-130 DB is an air horn ruggedly constructed to withstand the severe sea environment using the best seawater, non-corrosive materials.

Suitable for vessels with lengths between 20 and 75 meters.
Suitable for vessel working in explosive atmospheres.



Design features  
Frequency and sound intensity: According to IMO 1972 regulations
Audible range:
1 mile
260 cps
Push button for electric remote operation as well
as manual operation integrated in a special control
panel for console mounting.
Automatic generation of sound signals by the signal controller Audiotronic I.
Best seawater, non-corrosive materials: Brass and stainless steel
Air filter optional  
Air horn: With working pressure between 7 and 40 Kg /cm2
Air consumption:
Diaphragm diameter:
Hose diameter:
10 l /sec
75 mm
16 mm
24V, 220V
4,5 kg



Spanish Maritime Directorate