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Products: Navigation Lights: Oceanic NVG - Friendly Navigation Lights for NVG Operations

General description

Oceanic-NVG Navigation Lights provides full solutions to match the regulations established in Stanag 1445, Stage 2, taking into consideration the contents of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) NVG Human Factors document, for approaches, launches and recoveries in NVG Operations.
Stage 2 reads as follows: “NVG Friendly. Ship´s lights will cause a controlled degree of interference to night vision goggles, but must e able to be clearly seen both through
goggles and by the naked eye”
Our lights of the type Oceanic-NVG comply with above requirements, filtering their light emission with high quality interferencial filters with cut-off frequencies as per class B in NVG human factors document.
Besides an anti-vibration set is delivered with every light.
For vessels involved in night flights with helicopters and other aircrafts minimizing the glare produced in NVG by Red and IR emissions.


Technical characteristics  
Housing: Polycarbonate reinforced with fibreglass
Polycarbonate fresnel lens, shock and
UV resistant
Fully resistant to sea environment
Non magnetic
Integrated terminal box in every light
Access to bulb from above:
Lamp holder:
Lamp easy to change
2 kg
IP 66
Antivibration system  
Input voltage:
Power consumption:
24V 110V 220V
40W 60W 65W
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) , according to EN-ISO 14744.


Delivery of custom made lights upon request