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Products: Military Public Address System: CIC-397/200/90 Loudhailer system

General description

CIC-397/200 is a high-powered navy loudspeaker made up of a stack of 8 horns.

CIC-397/90 is a high-powered navy loudspeaker made up of a stack of 4 horns.

They are designed to be used in circuits of the 6MC type, for making announcements and giving general commands between ships and in open spaces with high levels of ambient noise such as flight decks, at open sea, etc.

The unit’s horns are compression chamber, flame and explosion-proof loudspeakers made of aluminum alloy. Each one contains its own line transformer for power with a balanced 100-Volt line.

The entire structure is designed especially for use in corrosive and saline environments as well as in explosive environments.

The structure has a box located at the back with a cover that can be easily removed by loosening the bolts, providing access to the connector strip.

As the unit is highly directional acoustically, its position can be controlled and rotated by a motorized system controlled from the ship’s Bridge. The azimuth mobility is of 180 degrees with relation to its rest position (normally prow to stern).

As the structure itself is independent of the rotational motor, it can also be installed on another manual or automatic positioning system.

All input and output wires are run through tubes with cable seals, ensuring complete water-tightness of the entire system.

Optional rotational system by rotor and controller

The Rotor system allows the position of the group of loudspeakers to be controlled by remote-control from the control station. The rotor system comes already greased from the factory and it is housed in a brass casing with a waterproof painted finish. It is designed to function maintenance-free in all weather conditions and environments.

The control unit consists of an aluminum box that can be installed on a table, console or bulkhead and that contains the indicator of the azimuth orientation of the loudspeakers in both directions with compass degrees. The controller indicates 360º of the present azimuth orientation on a circular sphere indicator.


Technical characteristics


Electrical CIC-397/200 CIC-397/90
Input power:
Line voltage:
Frequency response:
200 W (peak)
100 V
350 to 10.000 Hz
90 W (effective),100 W (peak)
100 V
350 to 10.000 Hz
Turn radius:
Volume control:
350 mm
270 mm
Weight: 65 Kg 30 Kg
635 (width); 901,5 (height,
with motor); 500 mm (depth)  
445 (width); 581,25 (height,
with motor); 245 mm (depth)
Finish: Navy grey Navy grey
Control cable to motor:
Power consumption:
Power supply:
3,2 Kg
#20 AWG or greater
40 VA
115 V 60 Hz, 1 phase
3,2 Kg
#20 AWG or greater
40 VA
115 V 60 Hz, 1 phase
Motor voltage:
Rotation time:
Torque curve:
Parking break:
24 V.
50 seconds for 360º
600 Kg-cm
2.000 Kg-cm
24 V.
50 seconds for 360º
600 Kg-cm
2.000 Kg-cm
Maximum vertical
dead weight:
200 Kg 200 Kg
Motor weight: 4,5 Kg 4,5 Kg


Mounted in                              

CIC-397/200 CIC-397/90
  LHD - Juan Carlos I
BAC – Cantabria
BAM 1, 2 3 and 4.
Frigates series: F-101, F-102,
         F-103, F-104 and F-105