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Products: Military Public Address System: CIC-373/CIA Alarm switch box

General description

The CIC-373/CIA Switchbox, designed in accordance with specification MIL-A-20222 (R17A11), is made entirely of a lightweight alloy. It features four switches with safety anchoring and a security cap, each identified by a different color.

Exterior wiring comes into the box through a cable seal on the bottom side of the box.

Bolts are stainless steel in accordance with (R17A11 SHIPS, D-4M) with a navy grey finish, as specified in NM-P-362.Rev 6ª.

The front panel is attached to the box with bolts and can be taken off in order to access the inside. A vinyl-coated steel cable connects the front to the box (Norm MS17339) for facilitating repair or connection, while the front panel, when separated from the box, remains connected by an electrical connector.

Surfaces of all mechanical parts have been treated with high-grade protection as specified in norm MIL-C-5541.

Priority alarms for typical use:
- Collision alarm
- CBRN alarm
- General alarm
- Flight Crash alarm
- Dive alarm
- Unassigned alarm




Technical characteristics  
Anchoring system :
Number of switches:
144 mm x 138,5 mm x 60 mm
1,5 Kg
Navy grey
To panel or bulkhead with 3 bolts
1 to 5


Mounted in
Submarines class S-80 1, 2 ,3 and 4
Frigate F-105
BAM 1, 2 3 and 4