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Products: Magnetic Compasses and Binnacles: Overhead Compass Sotecom

General description

Fully gimbaled magnetic compass with magnifier and rotatable reflection mirror providing a comfortable reading from the helmsman position.
Sturdy solution when a reflection binnacle is impracticable, provides a rigid connection of the magnifier and mirror to the supporting brackets thus avoiding the undesirable movement of them when following the to-and-fro movements of the compass with heavy seas. Besides, this solution gives the possibility to take the compass away and replace it when necessary as the compasses used are the same and have the same
mounting principles as the ones being mounted on the binnacles, thus not needing to dismantle mirror, magnifier etc. but simply the compass. No tools required.



Overhead Compasses Consemi G-WM Mortral G-WM Morref
Card diameter
Card division
Gimballing features
125 mm
11 kg
165 mm
13 kg
180 mm
17 kg


Compasses Approvals  
Consemi G-WM:
BSH homologation nº BSH/46122/4012230/12
USCG homologation nº 165.101/EC0735. 4012230
Mortral G-WM:
BSH homologation nº BSH/46122/4012231/12
USCG homologation nº 165.101/EC0735. 4012231
BSH homologation nº BSH/46122/4012232/12
USCG homologation nº 165.101/EC0735. 4012232
All of them according to the following standards based on Directives 2010/68/EC and 2011/75/EC:
IMO Resolution A.382(X)
IMO Resolution A.694(17)
ISO 1069 Ed.1.0. 1973
ISO 25862 Ed.1.0. 2009
IEC 60945 Ed.4.0. 2002
IEC 60945 Ed.4.0. 2008