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Products: Magnetic Compasses and Binnacles: Hansa VI-WM Magnetic Compass Outfit

Product Description

Hansa VI-WM is a binnacle for worldwide use for both commercial and naval vessels
Type approved to the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED)
Highly environment resistant
Easy installation work
Suitable for use with Transmitting Magnetic Compass equipment (TMC) to operate magnetic compass repeaters, off-course alarms, gyro back up and other outputs to navigation equipment

Standard Scope of Supply
Reinforced fiberglass A1 type binnacle.
Magnetic A class compass Morref G-WM, 180 mm reflector card
B+C+D+K correctors and flinders bar
Azimuth group II reading device with mirror
Main and emergency illumination
Double dimmer


Horizontal by-pass
Canvas cover


Design Features  
Binnacle’s material: Glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GFRP)
Compass’ material: Non magnetic bronze and brass
Correction: Full set of correctors B+C+D+K and flinders bar
Lighting: Both main and emergency
Dimmer: “Luxor” dimmer to independently control light intensity both from the bridge and the binnacle
Compass: Magnetic reflector compass “Morref G-WM” with 180 mm card diameter
Azimuth device: “Algran WM” reading device with mirror
Binnacle colour: Navy grey. Others available
Periscope colour: Black
Binnacle weight : Including compass and flinders bar, 54 kg