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Products: Civil Vessels Telephone: SOUND POWERED TELEPHONE


The Sound Powered is designed for use on-board for communication.

It is an amplified batteryless telephone as well as a common battery telephone. When everything else fails, SPT system continues to provide high quality telephone communication. There are two types: Direct-call type system, which consists of two direct -call type telephones; and Selective-call type, which consists of several selective-call type telephones.


-- Direct-call telephone

Two direct-call telephones can be connected for communication.

         -- Commanding type call telephone

The commanding telephone system consists of one selective-call telephone and 4 to 24 sets of direct-call telephones. The selective-call telephone can call and communicate with direct-call telephone, but direct-call telephones can not call each other. When the selective-call telephone is communicating with one direct-call telephone, the other direct-call telephones can override to communicate with the selective-call telephone. It is in accordance with the requirements for busy override.

          -- Selective call telephone

The selective call telephone system consists of several multi-way type telephones. Any telephone can call each other. Several pair of telephones can communicate at the same time. The capability is 4 to 24 lines.

         -- Loud and clear

Loud and clear with or without external power. The telephone call will change to sound power call automatically when power down.

         -- Press key to call

One call key on the panel of the SPT telephone. When the 24VDC power supply is on, press this key to call the other telephone, and not to rotate the generator. When the power supply is between 15V and 35V, the telephone can be used normally. And rotate the generator when power down.

           -- Anti-noise

The headset telephone has an anti-noise headset.

           -- Flashing light signalling unit

It is used in the Engine room and other noise area. All the sound power telephone has terminals to connect it. When the telephone rings, FR-100 relay box should be connected.



Technical specifications


Power supply: Ring density:





Contact of flashing signaling light:

220VAC/2A or 24VDC/ 3A



Ambient temperature:

Indoor -10º~+55ºC; outdoor -25º~+60ºC

Environment noise:

≤85dB; ≤110dB (headset type)

Selector switch:

4 to 24 extensions


Wall type/ console


For open air deck areas and bridge wings


2Kg, approximately